Children’s development.

SLO B: Identify how cultural, economic, political and historical contexts affect children’s development.
SLO C: Analyze various theoretical frameworks that relate to the study of human development.
Instructions For your Reading Assignment
you will write a four-paragraph assignment that shows 4 different aspects that you learned from Module 01
based on the following aspects:
Develop a paragraph for each of the following four prompts:

  1. What’s something you strongly agreed with, as you read this module and why? – 3 points – Nature vs Nurture
  2. Write on a topic that you had a high level of interest, so you can add more information from an outside
    source. What else could you add on that topic? cite the source of information at the end of your assignment. – 3
    points- Cohort Effect and Social Class
  3. Correlate the content with your personal experience: apply something you learned in this module that relates
    with a personal experience. – 3 points. -Continuous vs Discontinuous

Sample Solution