China’s economy

10 page paper on China’s economy in respect to everything below.

Outline for Country Report/Paper

Table of Contents

1) Executive Summary

2) Overview of the Economy

a. Size

i. GDP

ii. GDP per Capita

iii. Global Ranking (both Nominal and PPP)

iv. Gini Coefficient

b. Top Industries/Sectors

c. Post World War II Economic Development

d. Current Economic Environment

e. Major Economic Risks

3) Overview of the Political Situation

a. Type of Government

b. Major Political Parties

c. Governments since WWII

d. Current Government

e. Major Political Risks

4) Overview of how it is connected to the Global Economy

a. Top Trading Partners

b. Top Exports

c. Top Imports

d. Foreign Direct Investment – Inflows and Outflows

i. Top Sources of Investment

e. Current Account Situation

f. Free Trade Agreements? With Who?

Sample Solution