In 1882 the United States Congress passed the Chinese Exclusion Act, the first federal law that explicitly targeted immigrants based on their nationality. As the quotes from two American politicians demonstrate (see below), opinions regarding Chinese immigration varied widely. In your paper explain the economic, political, social, and legal issues that shaped the debate over immigration? Would you agree that ultimately judicial institutions played the pivotal role in determining immigration policy? If so why? If not why not?

Albert Shelby Willis:
“ .. the Chinese were an invading race.” “aliens with sordid and unrepublican habits.” “ … the Pacific States had been cursed with the evils of Chinese immigration and that they disturbed the peace and order of society.”

George Frisbie Hoar:
“It is impossible, it is incredible that a blow at the dignity of human nature, a blow at the dignity of labor, a blow at men, not because of their individual qualities or characters, but because of the color of their skin, should not fail to be a subject of deep regret and repentance to the American people in the nineteenth century.”



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