Chosen job advertisement

What are some of the key words and phrases from your chosen job advertisement?
Create a short list of about five to seven words or phrases; these words tend to be repeated or appear first in a job advertisement. (These words or synonyms will be what you want to use in your own career documents.) What are three key qualifications that the advertisement is seeking from a candidate? These qualifications may be ones with which you most relate to or which you excel at doing. For instance, you may excel at managing diverse groups of people. Many advertisements seek employers who are able to adapt in a changing environment; this may be something that your documents can highlight. Describe how your own experiences align or match these qualifications. Be as extensive as possible with this section and use examples that support these qualifications. As noted by some of the materials from this Module, stating “I’m a team-player” is not enough of an example for your readers to better understand your qualifications. By incorporating specific, clear examples, you make yourself more credible and memorable to your readers.










































Sample Solution