Church service

As part of this course in Christianity, students are asked to attend a church service different from their own. Students are free to visit any religious service and answer the following question. This assignment will be based on accuracy and thoroughness. While some questions may not apply, try to say something for each question. Feel free to add any thoughts and/or feelings you had after the visit.

  1. Did the exterior of the church seem to add to the overall religious feeling of the visit? Did the architecture of the building lend itself to worship?
  2. Describe the nature of the church service you saw. This will probably be the longest section of the report, so be as thorough as possible. What was the theme of the sermon for that day? Were there any rituals that struck you as different from your own? Elaborate.
  3. What were your overall reactions to the service? Positive or negative? Did any members of the congregation talk to you, and, if they did, what was the nature of the conversation?

Was this an interesting assignment for you? Please feel free to be honest. Elaborate on your visit as much as possible. The more you say the more I can judge how much you observed and put into the assignment.This report should be 3-4 pages in length (1050-1400 words) and formatted properly in APA.Write the paper as a regular essay with an introduction, body, and conclusion.

Sample Solution