Cinematography in A Better Life and Moonlight

Compare and contrast the cinematography in A Better Life and Moonlight
How do directors Chris Weitz (A Better Life) and Barry Jenkins (Moonlight) use the various elements of
cinematography to foster viewers’ identification with and empathy for their main character? What is similar
about their visual approaches; what is different? In your response, cite at least two specific examples from
each film as they pertain to specific cinematographic elements in each film (camera angles, shot
types/proxemics, shot length, lighting, camera movement, color, open/closed framing, and/or composition).
In the final paragraph or sentence of your exercise, tell me in one word or short phrase who you think these
characters are based on your experience of “inhabiting” their identity over the course of each film. This is your
chance to describe or “diagnose” these characters; likely, your word or short phrase will be/will include an

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