Client’s price and value communication strategies

Imagine that you work for a pricing strategy consulting business. Select a business to be your next client. Think
of a scenario that would result in your client seeking advice from your consulting business. You will use this
same business or client for the Week 10 assignment: Pricing Strategies and Decisions.
Develop a 3-page report about your client for your boss that includes the following components:

  1. Company Description.
    o Describe the company, the products it makes or services it provides, and the problems or issues that the
    company is facing related to its pricing strategy.
  2. Pricing Strategies.
    o Evaluate the pricing strategies relative to the product life cycle for your client’s three top-selling products.
    o Summarize the critical factors (for example, technology, regulation, market information, and consumer
    preferences) that affect your client’s pricing decisions.
    o Describe the impact value has on the company’s pricing strategy and profitability, and the importance of
    market segmentation.
    o Determine the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of your client’s price and value communication strategies.

Sample Solution