Climate change currently harmful to primates

.What is the missing link, we’ve learned of the differences in species but what explains the gap in evolution?Can you think of why we are so much more advanced at storing and passing down information than our distant cousins? If so, name a few good reasons. Is communication the only factor, because if so, that hurdle is being overcome and chimps are now being documented as having learned to pass down tool making and hunting techniques among other chimps. If we delve further into communication and say “language”, again, chimps have a documented understanding, of both spoken and forming various distinct tones to represent ideas/objects. List what you think bridges the wide gap from chimp to human. What aspects made the gap so wide and how long did it take for us to come out on top?
2.Is climate change currently harmful to primates?
In the textbook, it is stated that we are supposed to be going into a period of cooling. As we have read, information on climate history shows that many primates had to migrate to remain in tropical areas. Given that we are experiencing climate change due to excessive human activity, wouldn’t we be able to maintain an ideal temperature for primates? From the cited article, “Excess CO₂ in the atmosphere is warming the planet.” This obviously has harmful affects in the future, but is it helpful to primates currently?

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