Co-pyrolysis of Biomass A and Plastic B: A Modeling approach to save Energy Usage

I want you to follow strictly the same method of modeling, in a MATLAB platform, as used by the author of this journal paper; “Adetoyese Olajire Oyedun, Tesfaldet Gebreegziabher, Denny K.S. Ng, Chi Wai Hui (2014). Mixed-waste pyrolysis of biomass and plastics waste: A modeling approach to reduce energy usage. Energy 75 (2014) 127-13”; and model the co-pyrolysis of Biomass A and plastic B with the aim to reduce energy usage during the co-pyrolysis process. Thus, the Biomass A will replace the Bamboo while plastic B will replace PS (polystyrene) as used in their paper.
NB: The TG, DTG and DTA data of the pyrolysis of Biomass A and plastic B at the blending ratios of 1:0, 1:3, 1:1, 3:1 and 0:1 has been provided and attached to this request. Also, the ultimate and proximate analysis results as well as model parameters have been attached to this request. Make sure that similar Figures and Tables of all the figures and tables in the paper are carefully reproduced using “Biomass A and plastic B” in place of “bamboo and PS”.
1. Write the MATLAB codes and generate all the results (figures and tables) as in the model paper (Oyedun et al., 2014, above) using the TG, DTG, and DTA data of Biomass A and Plastic B.
2. Discuss the Methods and the results obtained




























































Sample Solution