Codes of Ethics

During your first session with Jimmy (age 10), you take a few minutes to meet with him while his parents wait in the waiting room. They are concerned that Jimmy is too anxious, that’s why they brought him to therapy. They complain that he is irritable and he seems ‘depressed’. Both parents agree this has become worse over the past year, but they do not know why. While getting to know Jimmy, he discloses that his parents regularly drink alcohol and smoke pot in the home. Sometimes he worries about being in the car with them because he has seen the ads on TV about drunk driving. Jimmy says Dad offers him pot and thinks if Jimmy would just smoke some pot, then he would be less anxious and they would not have to do this therapy thing; but he told Jimmy not to tell mom.

describe any ethical issues that you can identify and be sure to cite the portions of the AAMFT ethics code that seems relevant. 2. Describe your decision-making process to reach your therapeutic decisions.

3. Discuss how you will implement your choices in ways that help the clients continue to benefit from therapy.


Sample Solution