Cognitive, Linguistic, and Intellectual Development

Prior to beginning this activity, read Chapter 5: Cognitive Development, Chapter 6: Language, and Chapter 7: Intelligence in the course textbook. In addition, read the following required articles:

A Novel Theoretical Life Course Framework for Triggering Cognitive Development Across the Lifespan (Links to an external site.)
Cognitive Development in Children with Chronic Protein Energy Malnutrition
Effect of Breastfeeding Duration on Cognitive Development in Infants: 3-Year Follow-Up Study (Links to an external site.)
And view the following videos:

Genetics and Intelligence Robert Plomin (Links to an external site.)
The Teenage Brain: A World of Their Own
Kids and Language
Child looking at a tablet screen.jpg

In this journal,

Reflect on the factors (cognitive development, language development, and intelligence), that you have learned about this week.
Identify what you believe to be the most important variables that are associated with each of the following areas:
memory development
language development
infant intelligence development
cognitive development in adolescence
Evaluate your personal or vicarious experiences and/or weekly sources, utilizing citations, to support your beliefs about why, what you included, is of such importance.

Sample Solution