Collaborative Learning Community (CLC)

Read the study materials on leadership and complete the topic quiz activities to better understand your
leadership qualities.
Upon completion, summarize and share with your group what you learned about your specific leadership
qualities, so you can become familiar with how you are similar and different from your peers when it comes to
being a leader.
As a group, review the study materials related to servant leadership. Using what you have learned about the
tenets of servant leadership and traits and practices of successful leaders, create a 10-12 slide PowerPoint
presentation with speaker notes. Add an additional slide for references at the end of your presentation.

Compare the personal leadership styles of your group members, including commonalities between group
members’ strengths and weaknesses.
Explain why it is important for nursing professionals to be aware of their personal leadership style, traits, and
Discuss what leadership traits and styles are necessary to be an effective communicator. Explain the
importance of leaders adapting communication approaches when working interprofessionally (across ancillary
departments, vendors, community members).
Discuss how nursing professionals can benefit from integrating the tenets of servant leadership to empower
and influence others as they lead.
Discuss how leaders who practice servant leadership and have a strong understanding of their personal
leadership traits can successfully lead others and navigate the unique challenges that are part of nursing and
health care. Provide two examples that illustrate your main ideas

Sample Solution