Collage & paper describing myself right now

Create a collage with at least 3 different images. This collage can simply consist of words, quotes, pictures you copy and paste to a Word document. I want this collage to contain things that you think best describe who you are right now, such as what you are studying or doing for work, but also what you hope to do someday or activities and places you want to do. More importantly, I want you to type at least 1-2 pages (no maximum) to explain why you chose the words and images in your collage. If they include slang words or other languages, explain it to me. For images, explain the meaning behind them. Distinguish how an image might hold different meaning for you than for others. For images and descriptions used from the Internet, please include a works cited list. As I have been discussing this month, our environments shape the language we use, plus the informal (norms) and formal (laws) rules within those environments. You use words that reflect where you live and work within NYC. You also have ideas that strongly reflect who you are as an individual, your background, and the person you hope to be someday.

Some things about me: – major sociology – work: with children at an afterschool program. 2nd job: working with kids who have autism. – I hope to become a guidance counselor – Activity I enjoy is dance – I like helping people and giving advice – Family and Friends are very important to me.




Sample Solution