Collect first-hand performance data

Collect first-hand performance data or search secondary data from an organization. First-hand data could be
collected within the organization you work in or volunteer with. Secondary-data could be collected from an
open-source database.

  1. Report performance data in at least two reporting formats. Reporting format examples are available in
    textbook Chapter 6.
  2. Analyze the data and interpret the findings.
  3. Prepare a presentation with around 5 slides.
  4. Each presentation should be no more than 10 minutes including Q&A. You can present live at the scheduled
    zoom meeting, or submit a recorded video in the discussion board and answer questions your classmates
    What to include in the slides?
    Visualization is important. Do not include long paragraphs in the slides. Images and graphs are welcomed.
  5. Title and student names
  6. Organization introduction
  7. Data source
  8. Data reporting
  9. Analyzing and interpreting data

Sample Solution