Collecting Primary Data

Understanding a target market may require unbiased observation to understand consumers wants, needs, and uses for a product/service. Focused observations may change some of your perceptions toward product/service users.
You can collect primary data by observing always be respectful, follow rules, and from a safe social distance. You are not talking to the individuals just observing and predicting. Being observant helps in predicting behavior.

  1. Primary Data:
    • Define primary data with 3 references.
    • Provide an example of ways to collect primary data.
  2. Data by Observation:
    Observe a store, coffee, restaurant, etc.
    • Person 1
    • Person 2
    • Person 3
    • Person 4
    • Person 5

Personal interviews or Focus Group (optional)
• Copy of script and results from each interview or focus group

  1. Surroundings and Environment:
    • Explain physical environment.
    • Explain social psychological environment.
  2. Product/Category Purchased:
    • Products shown, available and what was purchased, etc.
  3. Demographic Characteristics for each person:
    • Gender:
    • Age
    • Married
    • Estimated income
    • Etc.

Sample Solution