Color women and sexually exploited

• Who was Saartjie Baartman? What do you think about her experiences? Do you think Saartjie Baartman was exploited when she was put on display in Europe? Why or why not?

• Telusma writes “This idea that ‘black equals erotic’ is fetishism in its purest form.” Elaborate on what she means by this, and why it matters. You might do this by addressing colonial legacies on gender and race, or perhaps you have something else in mind.

• Do you think the Bahian women Erica Williams discusses who participate in sex work in the local touristscape, as well as those who travel overseas, are exploited? Why or why not? Or is it more complicated than a yes or no answer? If so, why?

• It’s possible you could also write on the global fight for LGBTQ+. What does this information tell us about cultural dimensions of globalization, exploitation, and opportunity?

Sample Solution