For the classification essay, you will write on the following topic: A classification essay on the different types of communications essential in the practice of nursing. The final essay must contain at least 1000 words, be double-spaced, and be in 12-point limes New Roman font. APA formatting should be followed throughout the document. You should not use 1st or 2nd person. Additionally, you will need to consult outside sources for this paper. Your essay should have a clear thesis statement and a logical organization and structure.
Please consider this as your thesis statement for the classification essay:
This examination of communications includes: (a) what types of communications exist, (b) why communications are important, and (c) how communications are observed in daily life.
Required Processes: For this essay, you will write the first draft, work through the review process with your classmates, and revise and edit for a final draft.
Aligning Course Competencies: This assignment develops the following course competencies, supporting students’ ability to: 1) Produce academic writings through analyzing, constructing, and organizing effective thoughts; 2) Apply critical thinking when evaluating own and peer’s essays; 3) Engage in the writing process, which includes planning, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing; 4) Write well-organizing papers/projects that present logical ideas in clear, concise prose, utilizing grammatical rules effectively.

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