Communication challenge

Think about and describe, in detail, a communication experience that was a challenge for you in a significant relationship: family, social, professional, romantic.

· For example, “I had a disagreement with my sister.”

Once you have identified and described your communication challenge:

· Based on the Chapter 1 reading, identify at least 3 different approaches you might take to this situation that are different from the one you have taken in the past.

· Think about how other people you have observed (both real and fictional characters) have handled similar situations and provide at least one detailed example of their behavior.

Read Chapter 1 of the text, How To Improve Your Interpersonal Communication Skills.

Review your writing and use paragraph writing structure. Use short paragraphs, that is 5-6 sentences per paragraph and then start a new paragraph

Textbook 1: Furahaa Saba. How To Improve Your Interpersonal Communication Skills. Great River Learning, Dubuque, Iowa. August 2020.

Sample Solution