Communication methods

Case Study: Mr. Singh is about to move into Holly Bush Care Home having lost his wife a few weeks ago. He is 80 years old and has stated his religion is Sikh. He was having difficulty caring for himself at home since his wife died and there is no other family nearby; he needs assistance with some basic care needs. He can sometimes be hard of hearing, but denies he has an issue hearing or understanding people. You have been assigned to him as one of his main carers and the manager of the care home has asked you to assess his needs/wishes, likes and dislikes.

What do you need to consider when communicating with Mr Singh to reassure him that he is in a safe place and how can you make him feel at home?
What kind of concerns to you think he may be having about his new home?
What communication methods might you use with him to ensure you can effectively
communicate with him.

How might his culture or background affect how you communicate with him?

Sample Solution