Communication needs of children with autism

How do elementary schools improve the communication needs of children with autism?
The population of Interest and Problem Statement
A typewritten statement of the problem statement and population of interest (about 4-5 pages typed, double
spaced, 11 or 12 font size) you have selected for study.
For Assignment 2, you developed a research topic and related questions about a problem and a population
group that you are interested in studying. For example, problems that kids who are aging out of foster care may
encounter; what type of interventions are helpful for adolescents with substance abuse problems; what causes
homelessness, etc.
For Assignment 2, identify relevant population statistics (demographics) for your population and general
background information (such as definition, dimensions, scope) about the problem.
All references (including websites) should be properly cited, using the APA (American Psychological
Association) reference style http//
Please include relevant demographic and other descriptive information related to the problem. Much of the
population statistics should be available online through governmental sites or research institutes, etc. (see
below box for some examples).
Governmental Agencies/Organizations or Research Institutes (examples)
Child Welfare Information Gateway: (Links to an external site.)
National Institute of Mental Health: (Links to an external site.)

Sample Solution