Community and Communication in Changing Urban Areas

Identify what you feel are the five most important points/themes/theories/concepts/etc. that the
Course Directors (Lewis Code: Modules 1 to 6 and Peggy Keall: Modules 7 to 12) identify with
regard to the evolution of technology specifically related to its impact on the form, function as
well as social and political characteristics of urban places (see below for the Modules to be
discussed for each discussion submission). In doing so you should address the following:
· clearly state the argument that Lewis and/or Peggy make with regard to the five key points
that you choose to discuss;
· elaborate on the explanation that Lewis and/or Peggy provide for each of these points
including the explicit use of the required materials assigned to each module lecture;
· explain the rationale for why Lewis and/or Peggy think that these points are important;
· explain why you feel that these are the five most important points made in the assigned
· explore ties to important points/themes developed by Lewis and/or Peggy in the modules
as a whole (i.e., make linkages with these points across more than just one module); and
· explicitly discuss how these five key points help us to understand better the impact that
technology has had on urban places and urbanization

Sample Solution