Community Service Alternate Project

The purpose of this assignment is to replace the community service hours and the service-learning aspect of the course. While this is not the optimal situation and does not give you the hands-on experience that is so beneficial, it will give you an idea of domestic hunger, poverty and powerlessness both in this area and nationally. In addition, it ties in COVID-19 or other disaster-like situations that can exacerbate the incredibly fragile situation that many people are in.

Survey estimates in 2019 found 78% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. While all of us have been personally affected by this situation, some are experiencing more hardships than others in terms of health, personal situations, and financial situations. While this is not a perfect situation, I hope it is meaningful and insightful for all of you.

Please read this carefully and type your thoughtful responses below each section, using any information provided. Submit this assignment into Canvas.

  1. Please provide information on domestic hunger including the statistics and impact using the website below, including the history, background, and key statistics. (250 words) 15 pts.
    Domestic Hunger and Poverty
  2. Please provide information on hunger and poverty in California, specifically focusing on Santa Clara County and San Jose State University using the resources below. (250 words) 15 pts
  1. After reviewing the link below, please review the steps that were taken by different agencies with regards to the COVID-19 situation at a national and local level. (125 to 200 words) 5 pts
    Information about Disaster Responsibilities

Sample Solution