Company Development

A mission and vision statement can tell you a lot about who an organization is and what they want to become. Most companies prominently display this information on their website. For this discussion board, you will find a company that you are passionate about and answer the questions below.
Part A (Initial Post)- 12 points:

  1. What are the mission and vision statements (word for word) of the company? Include citations in APA format.
  2. Why is it important for an organization to establish a mission statement, vision statement and associated goals?

Part B (Reply to someone else’s post)- 12 points:

  1. Based on what you know about the organization and are able to find through research, do the organization’s mission and vision statement align with the goals of the organization? How?
  2. Would you like to work for this organization? Why or Why not?
    Credit will not be awarded for initial posts on a company that has already been mentioned, so make sure you read through companies listed before posting.
    PART 2
    Applied Assignment 6A
  3. Considering either your current company or one which you want to work after graduation, discuss ways in which the company performs activities in a different way from their rivals.
  4. Describe the strategic position of either your current company or one for which you want to work after graduation, and discuss how this contributes to their competitive advantage.
  5. Describe the five steps of the strategic-management process.
  6. Discuss why it is hard for managers to accurately assess their firms’ current reality?
  7. Perform a SWOT analysis on your current company or one for which you would like to work after graduation (or UNCP).
  8. Identify benchmark performance metrics that UNCP could use in comparing its performance to other colleges or universities that could reasonably be considered competitive rivals.
  9. Why is it difficult to implement a firm’s strategy?
  10. Describe the characteristics of a good strategic plan.

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