Company Research Paper: Planet Fitness

Selected Topic: Organizational Culture

  1. Search the Company (Planet Fitness) for information on the selected topic (Organizational Culture). Note: Use the Company Site-Map to access Publications, Human Resources, etc. You can Google the company name and the topic to obtain information. Use the following business magazines to find information.
    Forbes, INC., Fortune 500, Bloomberg Business Week, Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur.
  2. Write a 3-5-page paper. Include: Cover page, Double Spaced, Ariel 12-point font.
  3. References Page: 3 resources. These are to be from reliable and expert sources.
  4. APA Citation Format. In-text citations.
  5. Submit paper in Brightspace/Assignments on designated due date.
  6. Answer the following questions. Note: The Headers and questions will be the outline for your paper. Restate the questions and Answer questions in paragraph format. Header COMPANY INFORMATION
    A. Name of Company?
    B. Where are they located?
    C. What business are they in?
    D. Are they Global? What other countries are they located ?
    A. Name of President/CEO
    B. What is her/his background?
    C. What are her/his goals for the company?
    D. What challenges does the company face with Covid?
    Based on the topic you chose(Organizational Culture), address the following.
    A. How does your topic (Organizational Culture) impact?
    Organization Growth, Employees,
    Leadership, and
    B. Does the company have a good reputation? If so, why?
    C. What makes the company successful?
    D. Why would you want to work in the company?
    E. What is their Customer Service Satisfaction philosophy?
    F. What is their Vision and Mission statements?

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