Comparative critical analysis television programs

The comparative critical analysis of two television programs–one before 1970 and one after should examine these programs as TWO of the following constructs:
1) creative endeavors, (so you can talk about how it entertained audiences at that time.)
2) cultural artifacts, (how it brings cultural effect in the American history or how it relates to the American cultural)
3) industrial products and/ or (how it creates business value)
4) tools for social and political instruction. (how it manipulates audiences or things taught audiences)
In relation to ONE of the critical frames listed below:
• Representations of class, gender, race, region, sexuality and gender identity; ( I prefer this one)
• Comparing genre (television drama/comedy/news programming or reality TV) in two distinct periods of television history
• The influence of/focus upon “showrunners”, stars and writers in two distinct periods of television history.
• Technological innovations, changes in visual and narrative style in two distinct periods of television history.

Sample Solution