Compare and contrast analysis


Write an essay that is 300-500 words in length. Select an artist of your choice and analyze one or more of their works using the meta-themes we have discussed in class. These themes are: Musical composition People involved Mainstream or unique Technology Greater Society Pick three of these themes that are pertinent and write one paragraph on each. You must provide links to specific musical examples or resources that support your findings. I would recommend three references per paragraph. Consider comparing your artist against another to increase your depth of analysis. Comparative artists can be from the same genre or time or another. You will be graded on your ability to demonstrate your knowledge and your depth of thinking. youtube links for songs can be used for part of sources.

1. Musical composition-How is the song put together?
Be able to compare and contrast songs according to the musical components we’ve been discussing. These include song form, tempo and meter, instrumentation, and musical elements.
2. People involved-Who are the primary performers and/or audience? As you analyze Rock artists, find out where the performers came from and who they were playing for on the rural-urban continuum. Listen for lyrical or musical continent that refers to rural or urban life experiences. And find out who these artists were playing music for. Many rural artists made their living playing for urban listens and vice versa.
3.Mainstream or unique-Is this something the masses expect or something new and unique? As you analyze a song, identify who it was written by and who it was performed by. See if you can hear that artist’s or band’s particular touch and influence on the music.
4. Technology-What new technologies contributed to the development of the music and how were they implemented? Compare the music you are analyzing again music before and after it and identify how changes in technology influences the music itself as well as the experience of listening to it.
5.Greater Society-How did what was happening in the world influence the music and vice versa? Find out what purpose the music you are analyzing served. This includes learning who the audience was, where they listening to the music, and what they were doing while they listened to it.

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