Comparing and contrasting two companies

For this assignment, choose a product category that is being promoted (such as cosmetics, coffee, hotel, cars, computer etc.- in addition to a physical product, a product in marketing terms can also a service, organization, idea or a person!)

Select two advertisements or commercials (you can also compare entire promotional campaigns –e.g. Dove’s Real Beauty is an example of a promotional campaign) promoting your chosen product. These two advertisements should be by different companies/brands (e.g. Starbucks vs. Coffee Bean, Apple vs. Microsoft).

Task: Write a brief paper (max. 1000 words) comparing the two advertisements. The following questions can be used as guidelines for what to focus on your paper. You don’t need to follow them in the order given in your paper.

Describe the product being advertised. In what stage of the PLC (product life cycle) is this product in the marketplace? In what ways does this impact how advertisers generally promote this product?
What is the purpose /objective of each advertisement? In what ways do the advertisements/commercials you have chosen reflect the different strategies/positions of the two companies/brands in the marketplace?
Who are the advertisements targeted to? Are the advertisements targeting the same or a different target segment?
Which advertisement is more effective according to the AIDA model? (ATTENTION – INTEREST – DESIRE – ACTION)? Which advertisement, in your opinion, is more effective in reaching and resonating with its target audience?
What is the “big idea” behind each advertisement? In case of a TV commercial, what is the technique used (drama, parody, slice-of-life etc.…)?
In what ways does each commercial connect emotionally with its target consumer?
Which advertisement/commercial is better at capturing current marketplace trends?
Upon further research on promotional campaigns in this product category, do you notice similarities how products in this particular category are usually promoted? In what ways could advertisers “cut through the clutter” when promoting their products in this category?

Sample Solution