Comparing obama and glaude

Summarize and compare and contrast the views of then Senator Barack Obama, as reflected in his March 2008 Speech on Race, and Eddie Glaude, Jr.,
as reflected in his book Democracy In Black (Intro., and Chapters 1-3), on the Constitution, American
democracy, and race and racism in American history and American life.
Specific questions or themes you might consider include the following, although of course you can’t address all
or most them:
Generally, what is the central point, or overarching narrative, of Obama’s speech? What do you think Glaude,
Jr. would say in response to it? What might Obama say in response to Glaude Jr.’s more critical view of the
relationship between American democracy and national identity, on one hand, and racism and white
supremacy, on the other?
How does each author understand “race” itself? Since neither author offers a definition, it seems that one
would have to read between the lines here. What about their views of the role of race in American history and
political development?
How does each understand the dynamics or mechanisms that produce racial inequalities today? Is it for both a
matter of prejudicial attitudes on the part of whites and the discriminatory behavior that follows? Or is the
problem “structural”? What might be meant by the term “structural racism”?
In what ways would you say that the authors agree, and in what ways do they disagree, about explanations for
racial inequality?
Finally, overall, which view is more compelling, and why?

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