Comparison of “darkness” in Beowulf and in Paradise Lost.

Compare and contrast “darkness” in Beowulf and in Paradise Lost.

The English major’s essay belongs to a subcategory of essay writing; it is different from the essay written for other disciplines, yet related to expository prose in general. We call “the English major’s essay” literary analysis. On the professional level, it’s called literary criticism. This kind of essay writing is different from other kinds for the following reasons: The English major generally writes focused essays that analyze other writing, most often, the three genres of literature – poetry, fiction, and drama. The mindset of the writer and the strategies and skills used to reflect this purpose.

Please keep in mind the following when writing:

a plot summary is not a literary analysis
a literary analysis is not a demonstration of a general understanding of a text, but
rather, centers on a specific thesis in order to dig deeply into a very specific
problem or insight concerning the text
a literary analysis is not an informal discussion about a text (it is not the same as srcq or apcq, which are important for other reasons)
any assertion in a literary analysis essay must have its grounding in the text, not in general observations about life or personal experience

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