Competitive environment, strategic context, and innovation frame an organization’s products/services

What are the organization’s main product (or service) offerings? What are their key market segments and customer groups? 2. It What is the organization’s competitive position? Their relative size in the markets they serve? Who are their primary competitors? 3. It What key strategic advantages can you identify in the areas of business, operations, societal responsibilities, and workforce? What key strategic challenges does the organization have? 4. It What new product strategy does the organization appear to follow? Have they launched any new products/services recently? 5. It Most organizations have something to say about innovation these days — what is your organization saying? 6. It The textbook gives examples of measures for evaluating R&D effectiveness; data for some of these measures is public knowledge. Determine at least two measures of R&D effectiveness, and find the results for your assigned organization.




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