Competitive Intelligence Monitoring Plan

An individual Competitive Intelligence Monitoring Plan that is intended to be a small-scale application of the concepts seen in class.

For this individual report, each student will have to set up a monitoring plan that responds to the strategic issues of an organization or a company. This must be real, either your own company, a company where you have worked or a company of your choice. After having identified three (3) elements of the strategy for which monitoring is desirable, you will identify three (3) modes of information gathering for each of them and will propose an implementation plan for each mode of delivery. Possible solutions will be offered on the analysis and distribution of the information generated, but the emphasis will be placed on planning the elements of competitive intelligence.

Your text of no more than 1500 words (±250), not including appendices or tables, will be completed in MS Word format and must contain the following elements:

  1. Introduction,
  2. Presentation of the strategy elements retained, the assumptions and the reasons why,
  3. Discussion of the three modes of information gathering selected for each element (3×3) and why,
  4. A brief overview of the analysis and what it may reveal,
  5. A brief overview of the modes of dissemination of results,
  6. Other relevant recommendations or observations, and
  7. Conclusion.

Sample Solution