Computational Thinking.


Your follow-up assignment is to design an activity where participants would use Computational Thinking.

You are encouraged to design an activity that you would actually use (aligned to your subject area, age group, job, etc.).

Submit the following:

A description of the activity.
Links to any resources necessary to understand the activity/ a demonstration of the activity if you have one
An analysis of how participants will use each of the four skills in the Computational Thinking process (review details here by completing the activity.
Pattern Recognition
Algorithm Design
You may submit this information in whatever format makes sense to you.

part 2

you will need to learn about Computational Thinking on your own. Please complete this free online Google Course on Computational Thinking for Educators (linked)

To complete the assignment, you will need to submit BOTH parts of the Final Project for this course (copy them onto a separate document and turn them in here.)

Sample Solution