Computer Diet Analysis

Complete a computer Diet Analysis (20 points) using the MYDietAnalysis software located on a tab to the left of the home page. Please enter at least one full day of food that you normally eat (don’t start a salad diet on the day you begin) Please include a narrative based on what you have learned in class and in your reading. This written assessment must detail nutritional deficiencies, excesses, meal preparation and substitutions and their health related consequences of each one in relation to the RDA/DRIs and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Make sure copy and paste it when you submit it in the various assignment sections clarified below. Remember you only have 3800 character limit per section. Images will not show up. BTW, you can do it for a few days to get a more accurate average of food intake if you want. USE Control C to Copy and Control V to Paste Please use the Sample Diet Analysis plus Easy Directions for the Diet Analysis Assignment Document as a guide.

Sample Solution