Integrate and apply the concepts and principles of Organizational Behavior to a real-world organization – an organization of your choice.

choose an organization from any industry that you’re interested in exploring

1. Describe the context for your organization – the industry, what your

organization is in business to do, whether it is national or global, how long

the organization has been in business, the mission of the organization,

how the company handles diversity.

2. Describe the culture of your organization in terms of:

a. Describe observable artifacts in your company’s culture

b. Describe the values that the culture espouses and any differences between what is espoused and what really happens internally

c. Which quadrant you think the organization fits into in Cameron & Quinn’s Competing Values Framework and why, or one of the Four functions of Organizational Culture Model

3. What is your/interviewee’s role within your organization? How does this

role contribute to the goals of your organization?

4. Goal setting provides employees with direction. Create one performance

goal based on the work you/interviewee does. Use SMART criteria for this

goal. State why this goal is important and how it contributes to the goals of

your organization.

5. Choose one performance reward that you think would best motivate you/interviewee to meet or exceed the SMART goal above. Explain how this reward will impact performance and why it was chosen.

6. If you were the manager of the group you work in, what actions would you

take with your team to build trust and strong performance? Explain why you chose each action and the result you hope to achieve by doing this action.

7. You’ve been asked to help recruit people to join this company. How would

you describe and recommend this company to a potential new employee?




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