Concepts of Health Information Management

View the 12 minute video tour of the HIM Department at University Medical Center
(Note: you will get a “Launch Application” popup asking you if you want to open this file type, click “OK”.
If this video will not run for you, you can watch this one instead. You watched it already in HIM 115 so it might be vaguely familiar to you.

Choose one of these question sets to answer:

  1. Compare and contrast the HIM Department viewed in the video and your PPE site last week OR some other HIM Department that you have seen in the past. What is similar? What is different? What do you think is the reason for the difference?
  2. If you haven’t worked in HIM before and have not had your PPE experience yet, watch the video and just write
    about your impressions, things that interested you, surprised you, etc.

Sample Solution