Concert report

Go to a classical music and write a report
Your report is YOUR observations of the concert. It will address these 4 categories: 1. Performance setting: Give the date, place, and name(s) of groups performing. Briefly describe the performance setting- for example, you might include your observations on the ambiance of the performance space, performers’ attire dress, audience’s attire, etc. and how it affected your concert-going experience. 2. Type(s) of music: Which types/genres of music were performed (symphony, opera, concerto, etc). Which historical eras were represented on the program? What were the performing forces needed to perform the works? Were concert programs with notes provided? Did you read or research about the works before or after the performance? If so, in which source(s)? 3. Choose two movements or short pieces from the program and contrast/compare these works with references to specific musical elements. You must choose two separate movements or pieces. Your essay may include, but is not limited to, a discussion about the melody, key and scale mode, rhythm, form, harmony, texture, text, etc. I want you to use your ears and listen for the basic elements discussed in class and apply them to the pieces of your concert. Try to highlight what really “stuck out” to you about the music in this section. 4. Evaluate your concert going experience. What did you enjoy about the music, what would have improved your experience, how did the performance fit or foil your expectations? Were there any aspects of the performance that were unfamiliar or surprising to you? If so, what? For Concert Report Discuss what type of concert you might consider for your second concert report.




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