Type a 3{3.5 page short essay in response to the following prompt.
What were six of the most important discoveries or realizations you made in this
class? In other words, what are you taking away from this class that you think
might stick with you over time and/or in uence you in the future? What have you
experienced that might have a long-term eect on you intellectually or personally?
These can include things you had not realized about mathematics or society, specic
homework problems or theorems from the readings, biographical aspects of the math-
ematicians we studied, etc. These can be things that made sense to you, or topics
where you were confused, points that you agreed/disagreed with in the readings or
class discussions, issues that arose while working on your course project, etc.
Explain why these six discoveries or realizations are important to you.
You must include a combination of both mathematical and historical/cultural obser-
This assignment grade is based only on completion (i.e. if you turn it in, it is 3{3.5 pages
long, and it responds to the prompt and requirements above, then you get full credit).

This essay is a feedback of my class. My class is a class of mathematical history. We study the European mathematical history and also non-European Mathematical history, we talked about many famous mathematical theorems and how they were proved. Every day class, we talke in groups about the things we read in the book, most of the time, are the detail proofs of the famous theorems. After the group discussion, every group will have one member to present on the board in class. The two books we used are
• Journey Through Genius: The Great Theorems of Mathematics, 1991, by William Dunham. ISBN-10: 014014739X
• The Crest of the Peacock: Non-European Roots of Mathematics, third edition, 2011, by George Gheverghese Joseph. ISBN-10: 0691135266 (We only cover the chapter 1,2,4,5,6,11 of this book)
These books you can find it on Google
You can only pay attention on the first book when you write the essay.
During this semester, we have exams every week, the exam is about the detail proof of the mathematical theorems we talked about in class, and these proofs are also can be find in the books.
We also have assignments every week, the assignments are in 2 forms
1. some extended problems which is related to the things we talked in class.
2. Reflection essay about the book

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