Conflicting demands on human behavior

· Do moral and civil laws make conflicting demands on human behavior and why?

· How are conflicts between conscience and the law to be resolved? Please make sure you use credible resources to respond to this including the videos used here.

· Bishop Barron makes a very poignant comment, God is the name we give to the fundamental moral good in their unconditional form. In light of what you’ve read so far and heard through Barron’s video, what are your thoughts on this comment with regards to humans and morality?

· In Mere Christianity video, there is a striking difference between what humans OUGHT to do and what we DO NOT do. What does this mean with regards to the issue of human morality?

· Finally, where do you stand in the midst of this discussion on morality and the law? What is the potential struggle you or any human faces with regard to this subject?

Sample Solution