Conforming, Performing, Decision-Making

Have you ever been a part of a group project in school or at a workplace that seemed doomed to fail? Imagine that you are a consultant working with a team on a project to devise an innovative customer service model for their organization. The group is not performing well due to lack of motivation, unfocused collaboration, and groupthink. Cite the textbook or scholarly sources to support your responses to these prompts.

There are likely several reasons why the team is struggling. What could be one root cause of the challenging teamwork?
What social facilitation techniques might you use to motivate the group to come up with more possible opportunities?
And how could you bring the group to make decisions that are just not based on group conformity?
Initial posts: Minimum of 300 words
Cite at least one scholarly/authoritative source other than the textbook
Minimum of 1 APA formatted source

Sample Solution