Connecticut Hospitals’ Analysis


Connecticut is one of the smallest states in northeastern US. Among its notable features is that it has the highest human development index and income per capita in the country. Its total population as per 2017 census was 3.588 million people adding up to 738 persons per square smile (United States Census Bureau, 2017). It borders Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Long Island and New York. California has the highest gross patient revenues in the US while the least is Guam that has average gross patient revenue of $318623 compared to California’s $374,767,026. Connecticut has average gross patient revenue of 34,740,102 (Americas Hospital Directory, n, d).

Question 1 Calculation of Length of Stay in Hospitals.

Date Admitted Date Discharged LOS
1/1/2009 11/1/2014 2130 2131
4/7/2012 12/31/2013 633 633
6/28/2011 1/23/2012 209 209
2/1/2012 3/15/2013 408 409
10/30/2013 7/7/2014 250 250


                                          Connecticut Hospitals’ Analysis

Connecticut has about 23 major hospitals. The city of Hartford has the highest number of staffed standing at 1,423 beds together with 67,243 discharges, 330629 patient days and gross revenue of $5,039,905. The second city with the highest is Bridgeport with 725 staffed beds, 34401 discharges, 166,802 patient days and a revenue base of 3313907. Sharon hospital has the least number of staffed beds. It has 78 beds however its total number of discharges is relatively higher compared with Hebrew health care in West Hartford has a total of 302 staffed beds but it has less than 164 discharges compared to Sharon city that has 1809 discharges. West Hartford city has the lowest gross patient revenues in Connecticut averaging $53,625 with an average 1006 patient days (Americas Hospital Directory, n, d).

Connecticut Hospitals’ Analysis

Hospital Name City Staffed Beds Total Discharges Patient days Gross Patient Revenue (‘000) Av GPR/Patient days
Hebrew Health Care West Hartford 302 164 1006            53,625         53
Masonicare Health Center Wallingford 425 631 3458            95,511         28
Sharon Hospital Sharon 78 1809 6158          143,046         23
Johnson Memorial Hospital Stafford Springs 101 2423 9816          166,106         17
New Milford Hospital New Milford 85 1636 6716          172,137         26
Milford Hospital Milford 106 2880 11081          207,773         19
Day Kimball Hospital Putnam 104 3422 14447          248,973         17
Charlotte Hungerford Hospital Torrington 108 4916 19451          296,841         15
Bristol Hospital Bristol 121 5857 20788          469,391         23
Griffin Hospital Derby 117 7000 26595          552,238         21
Midstate Medical Center Meriden 127 7667 34214          553,546         16
Manchester Memorial Hospital Manchester 171 6903 29476          641,475         22
Saint Mary’s Hospital Waterbury 155 10983 39506          817,116         21
Lawrence & Memorial Hospital New London 235 12507 50721          850,212         17
Norwalk Hospital New Milford 302 11997 49061      1,014,407         21
Greenwich Hospital Greenwich 184 13077 52573      1,181,447         22
Middlesex Hospital Middletown 229 10951 45289      1,287,540         28
Saint Vincent’s Medical Center Bridgeport 358 14098 68291      1,548,392         23
Danbury Hospital Danbury 412 18016 85717      1,634,815         19
Bridgeport Hospital Bridgeport 367 20303 98511      1,765,515         18
St. Francis Hospital & Med center Hartford 567 30429 126350      2,252,204         18
Hartford Hospital Hartford 856 36814 204279      2,787,701         14


Source: (Americas Hospital Directory, n, d).

The three hospitals to be analyzed are Hartford Hospital, Hebrew Health Care and Bristol Hospitals. These three hospitals have been chosen based on their sizes and depending on the number of total discharges and patient days.  Hebrew health care is has the least number of staffed beds and also the lease number of discharges while its average gross revenue per patient is actually the highest. Its average GPR per patient days is almost four times that of Hartford Hospital which has Gross Patient Revenue days per patient days of 14.  Hebrew health care has the least number of patient days but its average revenues are much higher than the rest.

With the least number of patient days but with better gross patient revenues it is most likely that the hospital charges much higher than the rest of the hospitals in the state of Connecticut.

Hartford hospital has the highest gross revenue per patient. It also has the highest number of stuffed beds but its gross patient revenue per patient days is very low compared to other hospitals in the state. It can be concluded that Hartford policy borders on non-profit making given its very low revenues compared to the high number of patients. Bristol hospital compared with the two hospitals discussed above seems to be average on most of its performance. The three positions are illustrated by the graph below. The performance of Bristol hospital is average compared with the two that are on the extreme ends on both sides.

Connecticut Hospital Analysis


Source: (Americas Hospital Directory, n, d).

To conclude, the three hospitals have different performance levels. Hebrew health clinic is not very busy judging by the number of total discharges but its revenues generated from its few clients are reasonably high. Bristol hospital is an average hospital with average gross patient revenue per patient days while Hartford hospital is the busiest among the three hospitals. This information is useful for a HIM when determining the average expenses that patients use in hospitals in order to categorize the various policies that may suit the patients or employees. Clinical officers may be interested in finding out the busiest hospitals that can allow them to have a wider experience on the treatment options and diagnostic skills. Financially it would be possible for the hospital to determine if there charges are above the below the market rates and which hospital is charging less per patient by using the gross patient revenue and the patient days.




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