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Introduction (1 paragraph)
A. Name of Film
B. Time Period
C. Is it based on a true story or a work of fiction based on the historical time period?
D. When was the film released?
E. Minutes of the film
II. Summary of Film (1 paragraph)
A. Main Characters
B. Conflict
C. Ending
III. Historical Accuracy of Film (Refer to lecture notes, textbook, and
e-text readings) (2 paragraphs)
A. Accuracies — Did the movie accurately portray the historical figures and
events? How or how did it not?
B. Inaccuracies — Did the movie portray any inaccuracies — persons or
events that were missing or put in any characters that were untrue?
C. Authentic Interpretation — Did the movie actually look, sound, and feel
like that time period? Were the accents, clothes, technology look like that
period in time?
D. Unrealistic Interpretation — Did the movie portray any person or event that
really could not have happened in that time period? Does it look too computer
generated or an over-the- top Hollywood movie?
IV.Audience (1 paragraph)
A. What audiences is the movie best intended for?

  1. Middle school, high school, and/or college
    B. Why or why not?
    V. Conclusion (1 paragraph)
    A. Overall, what is your point of view about the film?
  2. likes and dislikes
    B. How many stars (on a scale of 1 to 5 stars) would you give the film?
    VI.Bibliography (
    A. Lecture
    B. Textbook
    C. Film
    D. Website

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