Based on what you have learned so far about American Government, what do you feel are the most important
goals of the Constitution and to what degree do you believe the founders achieved those objectives in the
document that was eventually created and later ratified by the states? To answer this question, please consider
at least two specific goals found in the Constitution to discuss (Ex. Provide for the Common Defense, Promote
the General Welfare, Secure the Blessings of Liberty, etc.). When writing your answers make sure to
accomplish the following specific objectives: 1) Analyze the explicit features found in the Constitution that
support your points, 2) Explain how these portions of the Constitution actually work and use government
power, and lastly 3) evaluate the extent to which you believe contemporary American government and politics
still follows the guidelines laid down in the United States’ founding document. Don’t forget to support your
analysis with plenty of historical examples and evidence.

Sample Solution