Construction Codes. Specifications & Contract

Provide full answers to following questions. You are encouraged to conduct research outside of what is stated in the text. You will be graded on the completeness of your answers, your ability to effectively argue your points/answers, as well as on professional communications expectations, i.e. spelling, grammar, diction, sentence structure, etc. Methods of Dispute Resolution [25 points] Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of resolving disputes through the court system. Compare and contrast arbitration with conventional court processes. Compare and contrast arbitration and mediation. Discuss the importance of documentation in the construction and civil engineering industry. What method(s) are used to ensure proper documentation during construction? Negotiations [25 points] Consider a job offer, either one you actually have encountered or one you anticipate pursuing. Complete the BATNA worksheet (provided separately) and do the following:
List the issues/parameters of the job you will consider, i.e. pay, vacation, work related travel expectation, hours, health benefits, education benefits, etc. For each issue, list/describe your most favorable position and the employer’s most favorable position Then, generate your BATNA.

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