Construction management interview

Conduct an interview with an industry professional. If you are currently working for a construction company, your subject must work outside of your company. Subjects within your organization will be approved on an individual basis.

Then submit a well-written paper based on their interview. The paper is not to be a transcript of the interview. The subject of the paper is not prescriptive and not limited to “estimating.”


Notes for writer:

Name of person interviewing: Charles Cheng

Position: Project Manager

Company: California Food Management

Write the paper based off an interview with Charles cheng who is the project manager for California food management. California Food Management is a restaurant management company that builds new restaurants and also operates them. Charles Cheng’s position is the project manager and he is responsible for finding new locations for restaurants and also responsible for the construction of the restaurants. The restaurants they build and operate are Burger King and International House of Pancake. Their headquarters are located in Los Angeles and they build restaurants all over California, Nebraksa, Nevada, and Colorado.


This is a construction estimating/management course. Please write a paper based off an interview that you would have had with Charles cheng. You can go ahead and make up the information for the interview that you would have had with Charles regarding his construction responsibilities, biggest challenges, what he recommends for a newcomer in the field like me, and anything else relating the construction industry.




Sample Solution