Consulting Proposal

In this assignment, you are to serve as a consultant to a company of your choice in one of the cases presented
in the Harvard Business Case material. As such, you are to provide recommendations to the company utilizing
the various leadership and change concepts gained in the course. You are to present a proposal that is no less
than 1000 and no more than 1500 words in length. In this assignment, you are to serve as a professional
consultant and demonstrate your proficiency at providing guidance to an organization undergoing change. Your
proposal should be very clear, concise, and focused.
The basic format of your proposal is to follow the basic structure which includes seven sections below:

  1. Introduction
  2. Definition of the project
  3. Diagnosis of the current situation
  4. Recommendations
  5. Implementation plan
  6. Summary
  7. Reference section
    So this paper is to write about recommendations giving to the example company (Simmons College), based on
    the case study attached. And please follow the outline provided here in APA Format:
  8. Introduction
  9. Definition of the project
  10. Diagnosis of the current situation
  11. Recommendations
  12. Implementation plan
  13. Summary
  14. Reference section

Sample Solution