Consumer Created Complaint Website

One of the issues that visible companies are dealing with right now has to do with CCCWs – Consumer Created Complaint Website. You probably know them as “sucks sites” (e.g., Wal-Mart, Starbucks, etc.). One of the primary predictors of whether angry customers will contribute to a CCCW is level of education. It turns out that customers with college degrees are the most likely people to start and/or contribute to these sites. Assess this relationship using voice1 and educat. You decide which variable is the IV and DV.

a. Is the chi-square test significant? What does it mean? In words, please interpret the chi-square test, including an estimate of your confidence in the result.
b. Is there any evidence in the cells of a relationship as described above? Explain.
c. What about consumers with advanced degrees? Are they also likely to post negative comments to web sites?



Sample Solution