Contrast the various forms of business organizations.

Contrast the various forms of business organizations.
The Cardigans have seen fashions come and go, have entered into various types of business ventures, and have experienced a wide array of issues that have
taught them what to do and what not to do in the future. Cassie, CEO of CARDWARE, wants the same concept of business to take hold on the island of
Cashmester. Cassie has asked Bo Jenkins to represent Cardware in negotiations on Cashmester. Bo has been given the authority to enter into contracts on
behalf of Cardware as well as to head off any marketing on the island The concept will be to provide fine clothing at a practical price. Using your knowledge
of business law, please address the following concerns:
What type of business would be in CARDWARE’s best interest? Discuss the pros and cons of the three types of business organizations. Be sure to discuss
how to form the type of business chosen, as well as why it would best serve CARDWARE on the island. Since it is an unknown island, you may use your
state’s laws for basic business concepts and laws as part of your response. However, you should mention the impact of international law when deciding
disputes, contractual or otherwise.
Discuss the duties and responsibilities of Bo Jenkins as CARDWARE’s agent.
What type of liability issues regarding new employees should CARDWARE discuss ahead of time. Discuss liability if the individuals hired are independent…

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