Cormac McCarthy

Ideally, I would like the paper to argue against the suggestion that the works of Cormac McCarthy are sexist or misogynistic. I realise that this is very specific, and so anything within that area is ok.

The dissertation needs to include an introduction, 3 chapters and a conclusion.

Each of the 3 chapters needs to concentrate on ONE of McCarthy’s texts as it’s a primary source (E.G – The Road, The Crossing, Suttree, Child of God, Blood Meridian, Outer Dark, The Orchard Keeper, ).

The dissertation needs to include many quotes and references from peer-reviewed journals or papers only. Ideally, these would include the work of Judith Butler, Nell Sullivan, Vereen Bell, Sigmund Freud – but feel free to add appropriate others.

The referencing needs to be in the style of Harvard referencing.

Sample Solution