Cost estimating

The City of Omaha has hired your firm to either resurface or repair Elmwood Part Rd from Pacific St. to the four-way stop with University Dr. Your project manager has asked you to come up with a cost estimate for the project. Use the NDOT information linked to below as a source of cost data. You will need to use Google Earth, ArcMap, or CAD to estimate the length and surface area. Include a figure of the road and your areal estimate. You will need to find a typical street cross-section to find typical depths to calculate volumes.
Create a cost table, or use the one included as Table 1, to list at least ten things you can imagine would be required to do this project. You know almost nothing about how the resurfacing or repair will be implemented, just use your best judgment about what you think may be required for this project. For example, you may need to remove asphalt, pour concrete, repaint, etc. Use your best judgement to estimate the quantity of each item that would be needed for the project, given your measurements.
Get the item name, unit, and unit cost from the NDOT sources. Sum the ten items to get a total construction cost. Design costs can be anywhere from 3% to 10% of construction costs. Use a 30% contingency. List the total project cost and, for the purposes of this assignment, the cost per linear foot. Write a description of the cost estimate. For each of the ten items, why did you choose the items you chose, and how did you come up with the quantities? Explain your choices. An example description could be: 1,400 linear feet (as measured) of yellow reflective marking at $9.72 per foot.
http://dot. nebraska.govibusiness-center/business-opp/hwy-bridge-lp/item-history

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