Cost Savings analysis

Prepare a spreadsheet of cost savings data showing efficiency gains attributable to care coordination,

Identifies specific gaps in care coordination today, presents a framework for better coordinating care using HIT.

Describes how specific technologies can be leveraged. Also discussed are the need to build and test specific interventions to improve HIT-related care coordination tools.Outline the key policy steps needed to accomplish this.

Discusses the potential contribution of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to enable patient-centric and coordinated care.

Explores the role of patient portals as a developing ICT tool, assesses the available evidence, and describes the evaluation challenges.

Examines the role of HIT in improving health care coordination and access to information for health care providers, patients, and the population.

Examines the efficacy of HIT in a substance abuse treatment program.

Care Coordination in a Changing Health Care Landscape

Describes the implementation of a care coordination model designed to provide patient- and family-centered care

Discusses the impact on traditional hospitals of emerging, non-traditional health care competitors who offer greater convenience and lower prices.

Discuss the contributions of relational coordination to care management in accountable care organizations:

Identify the extent to which ACO leaders are aware of the dimensions of relational coordination and the ways in which these leaders believe the dimensions influenced care management practices in their organization.







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